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What is the Scalability on Your Network?

We have a global network that can support all verticals. We run successful campaigns with large monthly budgets across our  in-text ad network, deal sites, and social. You can use our traffic estimator to find out the available traffic for your campaign.

Can You Provide Click Volume Estimates per Keyword and Brands?

We offer traffic and rate estimates in the traffic estimator in our tools menu.

Which Domains Convert the Most?

You can contact your account manager for a custom report. 

What Are Your Top Performing Verticals?

Some of our top verticals are Apparel & Accessories / Home & Garden / Electronics / Health & Beauty / Food Drink Tobacco / CBD / Finance / Subscription Services. However, we may have a lot of traffic depending on the domain. Check our Available Volume in our traffic estimator.

What Are Your Top Geos?

Our traffic is predominantly in North America (US – Canada), however we do have access to global traffic.

Is Your Traffic Brand Safe?

Our traffic is brand safe. All partners are vetted by our team before they go live. 

What is Your Pricing Model?

SourceKnowledge runs on a CPC (cost per click) model. Most affiliate advertisers easily back out to a CPA goal.

How Should I Set Up My Campaigns?

Copy/paste the tracking link from the ad delivery system you’re using into your campaign settings. We suggest enabling deeplinking and implementing the following macros:


Macro Description
{​​​​​​​oadest}​​​​​​​ Landing Page (requires deeplinking)
{sub_id} Publisher ID
{clickid} Postback URLs (Server to Server Tracking)

Track and Optimizing Traffic

We offer SubId Optimization through the Channel Summary report, where you have the option to bid up / down / or pause a subid.


To find your Channel Summary Report, click the advertiser name > click the campaign > change report to Channel Summary. Select one of your campaigns.


From there you will find a reports menu in the top center. It is defaulted to Daily Summary. Switch it to Channel Summary and there you can find performance broken down by sub id.


You can block/optimize based on sub ids in that report.

Postback URLs (Server to Server Tracking)

Our postback URLs allow advertisers and agencies who can’t place our JS pixel directly on the page to track sales/conversions in our dashboard. This is done by reporting a “click ID” to the advertiser’s click-through URL with every click we deliver. We then expect the advertiser to fire our postback URL with that same “click ID” when a conversion happens.


The Postback URL would look like this:

Agency Rest API

The SourceKnowledge Agency REST API returns information or stats on your advertisers, a list of campaigns and campaign data, it also allows you to change a campaigns status. 


Endpoint e.g.: GET /api/agency/advertisers/stats?from=2021-02-01&to=2021-03-01

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