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Where Can I Find My Advertisers and Earning Rates?

In the Tools menu of your dashboard you will find a list of your approved advertisers along with your potential earning rates.


New advertisers get added to your list weekly.


If an advertiser is no longer in your list, it is because they are currently paused.

Most paused advertisers relaunch on the 1st of every month, when budgets are renewed. 

What is RTB Buyer?

In our network, we have what’s called an “RTB Buyer”. These are clients buying traffic for advertisers in bulk through an RTB endpoint.

How Am I Paid?

We pay our publishers on a CPC basis.


CPC rates are dynamic and subject to change (increase or decrease) based on performance.


It is also possible that your revenue for past traffic gets adjusted (increased or decreased). This may occur due to performance or invalid clicks.


Statistics in red in your dashboard represent non-final reporting and may take up to 5 days to become final.

Why is CPC better than CPA?

Because we pay our publishers on a CPC we can guarantee payment and therefore we are able to secure premium placements. Our effective payouts are much higher than standard affiliate programs because of this. 


Most of our clients are backing out to a CPA metric and they are earning substantial margins on our traffic.

Filtered Clicks

Clicks can be filtered for the below reasons:


  1. Duplicate user –  If a user revisits the page multiple times within a 24 hour time period. 
  2. Paused advertiser – if an advertiser is paused and still getting clicks.
  3. Budgetary cap – if an advertiser has reached their daily budget cap.
  4. Wrong geo – if the click came from outside the approved geo.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are generally Net-30.


SourceKnowledge requires a minimum earnings of $50 before payment is issued. If you have not met that threshold, earnings will be carried over to the following month until the threshold is met.


Your earnings may also be adjusted if SourceKnowledge cannot collect payments from the advertisers you delivered traffic to.

Payment Methods

Your payment method is selected during your signup process. If you’d like to switch your current payment method, you can do so from our dashboard.


We offer our publishers the option to get paid in the following methods:


  • Cheque – this option is currently unavailable due to Covid-19
  • Wire – For this method, we require the following:
    • Your wire information
    • A void cheque downloaded from your bank account
    • A valid phone number for a verbal confirmation
    • W8 or W9 form
  • Paypal


Please note, payment processing fees are applied.

Fallback URL

The SourceKnowledge Fallback URL allows partners to add a substitute URL to the click-through tracker. If for whatever reason, SourceKnowledge is not able to monetize the link (budgetary constraints / advertiser paused), we will redirect to your substitute affiliate link so you will never lose the opportunity to monetize your placement.

SUB ID Parameter

The sub-id parameter is used to track a unique id per traffic source / placement at the click-level. This can help identify which sources of traffic are performing better than others.

Partners Rest API

The SourceKnowledge Partners REST API returns information for our live advertisers’ name, category, logo url, home page, campaign (placement, rate and tracking link), and coupon codes or deals. If an advertiser is no longer on the list, it is because they are paused or capped. 


Endpoint e.g.: GET /api/partner/advertisers


It’s recommended that you call our API once an hour, to make sure you have the most up to date information. Advertisers that reach their daily budgets or that get paused will be removed from the API.

Referral Link

Your referral link can be found in your Account Details (in the top right menu).

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