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Turn your Shopify catalog into shopping ads

Generate incremental sales

Once you connect SourceKnowledge to your Shopify store, you instantly create prospecting and retargeting shopping ads based on your existing catalog. Generate incremental sales by extending your reach beyond Google, Facebook and Amazon.

3 Key Benefits to Installing the Shopping Ads App

KeyBenefits1_PromoteYourProducts (4)
Promote Your Products

Connect your Shopify store to your SourceKnowledge account and turn your catalog into a Shopping Campaign.

KeyBenefits2_MachineLearning (3)
Make More Sales

Reach new shoppers that are actively looking for your products and retarget your cart abandoners.

KeyBenefits3_OrderIDReporting copy (3)
Order ID Reporting

Monitor your campaign from the dashboard. Get order ID & time to conversion reporting.

Get Your Shopping Campaign Going in 2 Easy Steps

Create Your SourceKnowledge Shopping Campaign

Sign up, install our Shopify app, configure your campaign (set budget, CPC and RoAS), and enter your billing information. See our Pricing Information.

Install the Shopify App

Our system updates an optimized version of your feed every 6 hours.

Install the SourceKnowledge Shopping Ads App and turn your Shopify catalog into shopping ads
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