SourceKnowledge offers transparency across campaign implementation and insightful reporting to all clients, all the time. You will know where your conversions are occurring and what your CPA is by geo, by channel and by domain.

The First And Only Transparent CPA Platform

SourceKnowledge provides the connective tissue between search, social, video and display. Our behavioral learning algorithms analyze your web traffic, customize campaigns that match your site audience, and retarget search, banner and video campaigns across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others. Our analytics platform provides complete transparency down to the domain where the conversion occurred. Every interaction with an ad  provides an opportunity for our algorithm to learn and improve. Our methods take the risk away from your campaign dollars and you only pay for the measurable results we provide.

Where Your Ads Will Be Seen

We believe in ultimate transparency when it comes to where our clients’ ads are being shown. With our simple and clear reporting dashboard, you will be able to see domain-level reporting as well as all of your conversions’ path to purchase.



Native Placements




Reporting The Way It Was Meant To Be

Performance is great, but you want more. Our analytics platform lets you dig deep into the metrics that matter to your business. SourceKnowledge gives you the tools to chart user behaviour over time and see which audiences are most impacted by your ads.


Don’t target based on hunches, use data. SourceKnowledge lets you see the exact domains that perform the best for your campaign.

Return On Ad Spend

Track spend efficiency and measure revenue. Campaigns run through SourceKnowledge generate up to 7x RoAS.

Path to Purchase

Now you can view every one of your users' unique path to purchase and be sure to be present at every single touchpoint to maximize conversions.

Customized Algorithm

SourceKnowledge provides unified reporting across all your platforms and lets you decide what’s important so that you can set your own goals & metrics.

Are you ready for no risk advertising?