Domain Targeting

Get access to high converting traffic on SourceKnowledge's network of direct publishers.

Get Access to
High Converting Traffic

SourceKnowledge is a self-serve ad network that delivers highly converting traffic for performance-based campaigns. Plugging into SourceKnowledge’s platform gives you access to premium Domain Targeted traffic from our network of direct publishers.

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“I have been using SourceKnowledge for my clients' campaigns and have seen some excellent traffic come through with high intent! The traffic has been great quality and the clients are happy. Support has also been extremely helpful and timely.”



of a performance media company

Where Your Ads Will Run

Content to Commerce

We partner with deal, coupon, and review sites to get products in front of active shoppers.

Search to Commerce

Brands will be added to mobile keyboard apps & plugins that allow you to advertise to customers actively looking for their products.

Social to Commerce

We partner with promotional content creators who will feature brands and products authentically on their social channels, to a community of deal and coupon seekers.


Shoppers can navigate from promotional content directly to product pages.


Device & Geo Targeting

Track Performance Using Postback-URLs

Daily Budget Caps

Pay As You Go

Allow & Block Lists by SubID

Robust Reporting & Optimizations

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Tracking Integrations

Tracking Integrations

SourceKnowledge is partnered with the following platforms to help you track! 


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